Westborough Sign Lures Brown On Campaign Stop

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Sen. Scott Brown chats with Bill DeSelle of New Hampshire, a friend of the Shakour family that owns Salon Concepts in Westborough.
Sen. Scott Brown chats with Bill DeSelle of New Hampshire, a friend of the Shakour family that owns Salon Concepts in Westborough. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck
From left: Nicole Sakhat, Renee Shakour, Sen. Scott Brown and Job Shakour in Westborough.
From left: Nicole Sakhat, Renee Shakour, Sen. Scott Brown and Job Shakour in Westborough. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck
Renee Shakour demonstrates an ergonomic blow dryer to Sen. Scott Brown in a mock salon at Essential Salon Products in Westborough.
Renee Shakour demonstrates an ergonomic blow dryer to Sen. Scott Brown in a mock salon at Essential Salon Products in Westborough. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck
Sen. Scott Brown and Renee Shakour.
Sen. Scott Brown and Renee Shakour. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck
Sen. Scott Brown on a tour of Essential Salon Products in Westborough.
Sen. Scott Brown on a tour of Essential Salon Products in Westborough. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Jon Shakour said he put a lot of thought into a sign he placed at his Westborough business, Essential Salon Products/R.G. Shakour Inc., on Turnpike Road. A self-described political moderate, Shakour said he finally wanted to make a statement by posting the message: "Govt. did not build this nation, honest people did."

That sentiment was seized upon by Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who stopped by the beauty product wholesaler Friday. Brown, who is campaigning for a second term, made the appearance as part of his "Thank You For Building This" series, in which he delivers breakfast or lunch to small businesses.

Although Shakour's sign could be interpreted as a right-wing stand against big government, his daughter, Nicole Sakhat, said he thought long and hard before posting it.

"He's not on the left or on the right – he's right down the middle," said Sakhat.

"Some of my customers may have a problem with it," Shakour said of his sign, which is clearly visible to every eastbound motorist on Route 9. "If they do, they do."

Shakour and his family said their concern is with taxes, and want Brown to support the so-called "tip tax" credit, a proposal to give salon owners a tax credit on FICA taxes on employee tips.

While speaking with employees and reporters, Brown said that Central Massachusetts has benefited from his support of the "Higher A Hero" bill that offers tax credits to businesses that support veterans, as well as his opposition to he Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – called "Obamacare" by detractors – which, he claimed, would "crush a business" like Salon Concepts.

Regarding small businesses, Brown said a "government did it for you" mentality has "permeated Washington," which he found "insulting."

Brown took several jabs at his opponent, Elizabeth Warren. "She wants a $3.4 trillion tax hike at a time when no one can afford it," he said.

Warren, however, on Aug. 15 issued a statement stating Brown's policies would lead to a tax hike for 97 percent of small businesses.

Brown said he plans to return to Westborough again Sunday to compete in the Westborough Rotary Club's triathlon, which will mark his third appearance in Westborough within a month.

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Comments (12)

People like Harpoon1212 make me wish that I could vote more than once for both President Obama and Elizabeth Warren. Watch me scare him with just one word; "Socialism" Look he's now running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Koji- Don't trust Romney he only cares for the 1% He would make your wife have the baby if she became pregnant by rape. Nice guy huh?

Thank you harpoon for your very long explanation of something. My only hope for education is that I can learn who Mitt Ronney's tax accountant is...he is very very good. I could do better in these bad times if I knew who he was.

Sorry for the rant. I was trying to unload my frustrations. I will not get into Mitt Romney's tax breaks.

Harpoon. That is very scary. Fear is very powerful. I used to be afraid of lots of terrorists and and middle eastern countries.. Now not so much, I'm fearful of other stuff.


I did not mean to be scary or instill fear. I do not like that tactic in politics. I can assure you that I do know from personal experience and I have studied the healthcare programs that are making up Obamacare. I have actually have listened to President Obama on many occasions saying that if someone is 80 something, would it make sense for them to get a heart transplant. He has used this explanation many times quoting different examples. Former Senator Tom Daschle, who was suppose to oversee Obamacare first until he had to deal with some scandal, wrote a book on the blueprint to the plan. There will be people in government who will devise, through statistics, age, cost, risks, etc.., a system of what the Healthcare will pay for, and who can recieve specific treatments. This is what they call "Death Panels" which is the fear factor. There are no standards written yet because the bill has not been fully funded. To me, you need to make a judgement at somepoint as to what they mean. It all comes down to money. If you need a drug that cost a $100,000 a year and the statistics say that you may live 4 years if you get it, will the Govt. healthcare grant you this drug. I do not know.

Lastly about our debt, if you child goes away from college and runs up a $20,000 debt the first semester and you have to pay for it. You may get mad at her and scold her and you demand her to take action to reduce this debt. After the 2nd semester, she comes home and the debt is now $50,000. Your upset and have it out with your child and she convinces you that she is good for the money and will work all Summer to pay it off. She goes back to college and comes back at the end of the Summer and she owes $70,000. What are you going to do? You want to stop the hurt and you cut up the credit cards. You cannot trust her with your money. Think of this on a larger scale only we are dealing with $16 trillion and most of it is owed to China. They are not very happy with us. They are not trusting us as much. They are not happy that we are just printing money called Quantitative Easing making our dollar devalue. They are buying up as much gold as any country in the world to use it as a hedge for holding in US dollars and treasury bonds. There is going to be some repercussions if actions are not taken. I hope this is not as scary as I put it before. I could care less about myself in any of this. I am worried about my children and grandchildren. I have been planning this out for over 10 years to protect my family. Like anything else in life, I do not expect people to agree with me on a message board. People have to educate themselves on issues. I wish you well.

John B. What are you talking about that Scott Brown is an insult to the people in uniform. Are you lumping in the military with our government? My brother in Iraq could not even vote because our Secretary of State would not collect their votes. It took a court order for them to force them to do this.

Obamacare is a complete take over of healthcare in this country. Did you read the bill? If you did, it was more than the legislators did who voted this in. I hope you do not get really sick because they will put you out to pasture. They will not pay for the medications needed if you are over a certain age.

Elizabeth Warren is a disgrace to the American way. The hard working people of past generations built this country and served this country. The Government did not. These generations built businesses on hard work, created jobs, and paid the taxes. The government did not do this. They just take people's money and send it to where ever or what ever project that they choose and they put their names on it. She attacked WallStreet, which were the biggest contributers to the Obama Administration, and guess what happened, they let the big bankers off the hook. Goldman Sach walked. What they succeeded in doing is gutting the whole financial industry of jobs. People who were in the middle class were the ones that suffered from this rhetoric from people such as Warren. It is shameful what she did.

You asked what program would the GOP cut, it doesn't really matter because we are going into bankrupcy so fast that they all will be gone. 16 trillion in debt adding 4 billion a day to the total. Debt service is greater than the yearly cost of our defense department. Our dollar is being destroyed. There is a reason why gold is at $2000. Countries are losing confidence in our dollar and it is not being used for trade. If this problem does not get tackled quickly we will be Greece but in our case, we could never be bailed out.

I am happy that your family member got back from the war safely. I had to go to a Military funeral. My niece was 22 and a widow.
If you can't figure out the the Commander in Chief of the Military is the President of the United States, well it does not reflect well upon your educational attainment.
The rest of your arguments reflect lack of basic knowledge, and contradict each other. Especially the government's set up of a system in which people can earn money though enforceable contracts, roads and bridges to bring buyers and sellers together.

John, I am sorry to hear that your niece lost her husband. I cannot imagine the pain of something like that. The worrying was bad enough. I do understand that the President of the United States is the Commander in chief of the Military. Maybe my arguments are not reflecting well of my educational background but I would not associate this President as a part of the core of the military. He has never taken an order from a military officer and he has actively apologized for this country many foreign soils. It is clear by the polling that the Armed Forces are not very supportive of him.

Yes you are correct, that capital has flowed into the United States and one of the reasons is there is a rule of law. Capital will leave the country when Governments start to invoke laws that will attack our freedoms and take away our Liberty. I am not sure if you are happy with the taxes that are coming down the road but we will continue to say that everyone needs to pay their fair share. Who cares where the Government is spending the money and wasting it on programs that will never work.

John, you have your views but this business that the government has taken credit for the establishment of the rule of law and the creation of infrastructure is a rouse. It was organized, bought, and paid for by the tax payers and veterans of this country. Most people that I know that work hard and have dreams, whether they are educated or not, believe in America as a land of opportunity. They are not looking for a hand out. This argument that was first used by Professor Warren and then President Obama will be not heard from again because it is a loser and it is offensive.

John B, the argument that business is reliant on government is ignorant of the fact that the government doesn't have any money of its own. Where do you think they get the money to build roads and bridges? From taxes of course! Who pays taxes? Individuals and businesses of course! Where do the individuals get their money to pay taxes? From the businesses of course! Which came first John B, the roads and bridges or business? Don't you think the roads and bridges may have been built in large part because they allowed for goods to be brought to and from market in a more efficient manner?

The argument that Granny Warren and President NObama are making that businesses owe it to the government to give more is idiotic. Seems to me that it is more of an interdependence rather than dependence. This rhetoric of class warfare is nothing but divisive and lacks a basic understanding of how businesses operate.

Which business is going to invest in growth leading to more jobs and positive economic activity a) the business who has the support of the community and the government or b) the business that feels they are under attack by the government and community members such as yourself proclaiming "you didn't build that". The former can be found in capitalism, the later statement is rooted in marxism. Which side are you on? Do I even need to ask?

Wow, missing out on Capitalism 101.
Businessmen grow when they think they can earn more profit. No other reason.

No business grows to create more jobs, or to invest in the community, that is not about making a profit.
Business leaders who don't grow because their feelings are hurt need some mental health care and should find another career path.

Last time I looked at my green back it said it said "Federal Reserve Note"
Signed by the Sectary of the Treasury.

Looks like the government has it's own money.

You are failing to recognize that the US government has created a system in which private equity can thrive. No business and no one is an island.

In case you are worry about class war fare. The rich are winning, a lot. I know, I am rich.

Senator Brown show your opposition to Obama Care. Stop supporting your daughter on your health insurance!
Thanks to Obama Care you are able to do this.
As a member of the military you insult your fellow men and women in uniform. Without them, all government employees, we would not have our freedoms to build a business, have enforceable contracts, or other American institutions that have customers spent money supporting businesses.