Scott Brown Supporters Stand Out Across Holden

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A "Brown" bear and Brian Ferguson out in support of Sen. Scott Brown in Holden center. Photo Credit: Kimberly Ferguson
Republicans join in the show of support Friday in Holden for incumbent Sen. Scott Brown. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
Marshall Horwitz, chair of the Holden Republican Town Committee Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
Anthony Renzoni helped organize Holden's Scott Brown Standout Friday Photo Credit: Daniel Castro
A brown bear wandered out of the wilderness and into Holden center, before enrolling Republican and joining the Scott Brown stand out. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

HOLDEN, Mass. — A townwide standout for Sen. Scott Brown (R) was held Friday, with residents holding signs from one end of Holden to the other in support of their candidate.

The event was organized by Anthony Renzoni, who serves as a Holden selectman but was out Friday as a citizen in support of Brown.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Holden voters will choose between Brown, the incumbent, and Democrat challenger Elizabeth Warren. Renzoni hoped to hold one large show of support for Brown in town before the voting.

"We want all our undecided friends and neighbors to see that there is overwhelming support, in Holden and throughout the region, for Sen. Brown," said Renzoni. "This isn't about R's vs. D's, this is about who can best represent us."

State Rep. Kim Ferguson (R-Holden) was among those who supported Brown's campaign, and she was excited to see all the energy in Holden. After stumping in towns across her district, Ferguson said she was anxious for Election Day.

Renzoni and Ferguson were joined by over 30 other residents and members of the Holden's Republican Town Committee, who held their signs at Holden's intersections on a cold and rainy November day.

"All these towns are filled with hardworking, good people, and I know there's a war on the middle class, but the middle class right now is hurting. I do a lot of the grocery shopping and the cost of my eggs has doubled, my milk has doubled, gasoline is bordering on $4. We've been stretched too thin, and I appreciate Sen. Brown's position in Washington. I think he does represent the interest of the people in Massachusetts."

Marshall Horwitz, chairman of the Holden Republican Town Committee, said he was encouraged by the show of support.

"This community, the state and this country needs bipartisanship, someone who can work across the aisle," he said. "When Ms. Warren was asked to name one vote she disagreed with in respect to Harry Reid, she couldn't name one. I've been married 30 years and my wife and I don't agree on everything. It's an insult to the people of Holden and to the people of Massachusetts to say that you will vote in lock-step, 100 percent of the time with the Senate majority leader."

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Instead of platitudes, how about looking at the man's record. He is not bipartisan when it matters to his party.

He voted for the Blunt Amendment which would have allowed employers to decide what is covered by a woman's health insurance.

He voted against Paycheck Fairness for women twice because it would be a burden on companies.

He supported giving tax breaks to millionaires while voting against jobs for cops, firefighters and teachers. He voted against three jobs bills.

He supports repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

He has voted for billions in subsidies to Big Oil.

He has voted for a radical budget proposal that would require cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

He has worked to weaken rules to reduce pollution, and voted to limit the Environmental Protection Agency's authority.

Those are his votes on some really, really important issues. Mitch McConnell occasionally lets him off the leash because he is, after all, a Republican who needs to look moderate in Massachusetts. But bipartisan? Look at the record.

This IS about R's and D's. One party wants to curtail the reproductive rights of women. One party does not believe in the science of climate change. One party would kick millions off health insurance by repealing the Affordable Care Act. One party would protect low tax rates for the super rich while squeezing the middle class. One party wants to shred the social safety net and privatize everything except of course what goes on between a woman and her doctor, which for some reason is the government's business.

Scott Brown is a Republican who votes the party line when it counts. His independence is a sham.

I'll take Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat. The Consumer Protection Bureau is an accomplishment I can believe in. Wall St. and the Koch brothers have given the big bucks to Brown, not Warren during the campaign. Who, then, is for "us"?


Robin, please do check out the facts. I think you may be suprised at what you will find. It's ok though, if I believed all of Warrens attack adds and did not actually look into the facts myself, I may have been mislead. And I perhaps maybe would believe as you do. Warren misleads people and smudges the truth with lies and half truths. I would not throw words such as lies around if I were you in support of Warren OR Obama.. Its PROVEN, they are indeed both Liars, and have no concept of what being honest actually means.


While I like things about both of them, Warren is the stronger candidate. I think Brown has voted too far to the right on too many issues for MA to keep the Senate seat. But I could easily see Brown running for governor in the future and winning.


Scott Brown hates to talk about his actual record because his votes are pro-family & pro-working class only about 15% of the time, and even then he has sometimes worked to weaken a bill, such as the Wall Street regulations bill, before he cast the swing vote, and then lobbied the Fed to go easy on enforcing the bill. I know Elizabeth can do better than that. She founded a consumer protection agency that the righties hate, which is a good sign to me that she is a honest champion for the average person. Brown is all posturing and outright lies. Check out the facts.

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