Poll: What Are Your Issues In The Presidential Race, Holden?

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What is the biggest issue in the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?
What is the biggest issue in the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?

The race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is tightening, and the next big debate is Tuesday. Do you know who you are going vote for? Tell us in our poll.

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Who is getting your vote for president, Central Mass.?

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Tell us in the comments below what is driving your decision -- the economy, foreign policy, health care, the environment, social issues or something else? 

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Comments (16)

When did someone earning $250K become a millionaire or a billionaire?

Romney actually held down a high school classmate and cut off his long hair. He also really put his dog in a crate on the roof for a ski trip in the winter. The guy is some sort of sick sadistic conservative freak. He's flip-plopped on every issue, and sucked as governor of MA. As for business success, He closes factories and ships the jobs overseas. All easy to do when you start out with a 200 million dollar personal trust fund. I won't even mention the Mormonism. (look up what mormonism believes in) If you think that's better than what we have, then go vote for it. Your Grandchildren will hate you even more than they already do if you saddle them with more wars and this conservative jerk as President.

The biggest issue in this election is who gets to name the Supreme Court judges. If Romney gets in, good bye to woman's rights and God knows what else. It would set the country back over 100 years. Everything we have worked for would disappear in a very short time.
Obama must be re-elected! Only a fool would vote against him.

Strong language? yes,but sometimes we need to hear strong language!

To those who keep saying President Obama blames others for his failures:

He hasn't failed. More jobs now than when he took office, economy slowly but steadily improving, one war ended another winding down, health reform at last, end of DADT, an ability for women to sue if they are not being paid equally for equal work, sanctions working in Iran instead of another Middle East war, the beginnings of Wall St. regulation.

Plus if he is re-elected and he has to appoint Supreme Court judges, he won't nominate far right idealogues like Scalia and Thomas. Then there's protecting Social Security, Medicare, and a woman's right to reproductive health.

Four more years!

Thanks for everyone who answered my post. Nice to get a conversation going. It is our sworn duty to get out there and vote. Sure we agree to disagree, and that is what makes our country so great, that we have the freedom to do this. So, all you apaths out there, THE VOTE IS IMPORTANT! Get out there and vote!

The fact is, Obama is borrowing money from everyone, and then telling everyone: QE1, QE2, QE3 is good, which means printing more money is good for everyone. That only works until the lenders lose faith! And then QE 1,000,000 is a small number.
The Germans and many, many other countries, have gone down this path.

Dear Aladdin ---Amen Former Liberal thanks to Obama

"The businessman is not going to look out for the middle class". The Middle class is shrinking and its bringing people down into the lower income, government assisted class. We need jobs. We have borrowed the money to keep the game going. Why do we want someone who keeps blaming other people for their failures. That is not a leader.

This businessman isn't going to look out for the middle class. He robs pension funds to reward executives. I don't understand how people can trust him on any subject.


Romney will say ANYTHING to be elected. I am tired of hearing how he worked with the Democrats in Massachusetts. Remember - Massachusetts was 47 of 50 during his term. He was a tea-bagger to get the political right and now he tells us he is a moderate. Wake up America - re-elect the President.

Can anyone identify:
1) Which specific loopholes will be closed?
2) Which specific tax deductions will be ended?
3) Which specific government functions will no longer be performed (privatizing does not count...you still have to pay)?

Just like the Red Sox, when the team is doing poorly it's time for a new manager! Obama made a a statement and a promise to the people when he was running in "08"
"If I do not reduce the unemployment rate to below 5% in my first term, I will be a one term President".
We need to hold him to that statement.

My concerns are many and include our financial problems, increased spending with money we don't have, poor economic news, and lack of truth and honesty from our highest elected officials.

Our children will bear the brunt of Obama's poor decision-making and poor leadership. I don't believe he has the United States as his first priority.

I will vote for change and a fresh start with Romney.

I am also very concerned with government spending and the deficit. Romney's plan to cut taxes at a flat level of 20% once again gives the extreme wealthy a huge tax cut and therefore adds hundreds of billions directly to the deficit. Our country cannot afford to give more money to millionaires and billionaires--we are going broke and borrowing that money from countries such as China. The "Bush" tax cuts need to be extended for those making under $250,000 per year but the Republican Congress is holding this proposal hostage by refusing to support tax cuts for middle income Americans unless the super rich get even bigger tax cuts as well. In regards to spending, the biggest item in the federal budget is military spending yet Romney and the Republicans refuse to even consider cutting back in this area. The US spends more money on the military then every other nation on earth combined. The amount spent on the war in Iraq--estimated to be over a trillion dollars--was simply added to the deficit. In my view, Romney will be much more likely to get the US into yet another Middle-East war--either in Syria or Iran or perhaps both. There is no way the budget deficit will do anything but explode further when this occurs. The only possible way Romney/Ryan could cut taxes, increase military spending and actually cut the deficit would be to eliminate the home mortgage deduction, federally sponsored student loans and medicaire, all programs that help the middle class. Do the math. Is it any wonder why they won't reveal their proposed cuts before the election?

Economy, medicare, education, illegal immigrants, too many people scaming the entitlement programs. Need a business man to straighten out the mess. So many people hoodwinked by Obama's oratory skills. Too much of a Marxist/ Socialist. Ignores the constitution and makes up his own rules. Especially repugnant is waitning for congress to go home and then sliding in his agenda. Hope they are not fooled again!

I am concerned with unsustainable increase in spending, increased taxes, and the sorry state of the economy. The jobs that were lost over the past five years are being replaced with lower wage positions in the service industry. The recovery has been a mirage and Obama has no plan for reversing the trend. Obama had his chance and blew it. I'm hoping for change.