POLL: Did Romney Or Obama Win The Debate?

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Did former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romey or President Barack Obama come out on top in the debate?
Did former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romey or President Barack Obama come out on top in the debate?

WORCESTER COUNTY, Mass. ‒ President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney met Wednesday night for the first time in a nationally televised debate.

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Did Romney or Obama come out on top in the Oct. 3 debate?

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1. Gas prices
2. Unemployment....the real number....READ

Please read Obama's campaign promises to us all in 2008. Has he earned four more years? Let's not forget the last two years of the Bush presidency was controlled by the Democrats and the first two years of Obama's. The only thing he has done is watered down our health care program. Read what it's like to have health care in England and Canada. He also told us the private sector is doing fine and the rich need to pay more in taxes. If we take all not just a percentage of rich peoples money we still would have a massive national debt. Yeah let's give him four more to straighten things out shall we!?!

What we need is to create jobs so that everyone can back to work and everyone paying taxes and everyone doing what's right for the Country and their families.

The President did not have the supermajority necessary to overcome Republican filibusters and obstruction for the two years you claim.

Commenting on another story, John B explained in detail that "Democrats had a shaky 60 vote supermajority for all all of four months and one week..."

See his post of October 2.

Health care in England and Canada is fine by the way.

How has our heath care been watered down? Has anything changed except that costs are rising more slowly, pre-existing conditions are covered for hundreds of thousands of Americans, and kids can remain on their parents' plan until age 26? Thank you, Obamacare.

The real number? As opposed to the number put out by the independent Bureau of Labor Statistics? Gee, if Obama could manipulate those numbers I wonder why he hasn't been doing it all along.

You are a conspiracy theorist.

As for gas prices, no president controls that.

Part time jobs counted with full time jobs, people who no longer qualify for unemployment or are no longer looking for work not counted.....No conspiracy about that just fact. Manipulate the numbers how you like but it doesn't mean we are any better off now than before they released these meaningless numbers. Google, "real unemployment rate" and you'll understand where people are coming from when they feel it isn't an accurate representation.

But they are figured the same way consistently, adjusted up or down the same way consistently. There is no conspiracy with these numbers this month except in the minds of those who don't like the fact or refuse to believe the fact that they dipped below 8%.

If they weren't an accurate representation this month then they weren't an accurate representation last month. Why the fuss this month? Oh, right, the numbers look good for the president.

Only in Obama's America is 7.8% unemployment considered "GOOD".

The country is absolutely better off than we were four years ago.

Folks wake up! Turn off your television and READ yes both candidates are flawed. Obama/Romney are arrogant so what. I am a very simple person but I know this, if I performed at my employment the way Obama has for the past four years I would be fired. Wake UP! Romney is what he is but he knows something about business! Obama said many, many things to get himself elected four years ago and we all fell for it. We are clearly, clearly worse off than we were four years ago and he should get reelected!?!

We need jobs. Obama has failed in that department. Look up the U6 index in the Department of Labor and Statistics. The real number is 14.7. We need to get back to work for our families and for our Country. Our kids future depends on it!!!

As JFK said, "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

Where is that view point today in the Democratic party!?!

I give President Obama credit, it's tough to maintain your composure when your getting DESTROYED.

When didn't he maintain his composure? No one has faulted him for not maintaining his composure.

Nore was I. Read my post, I said I give him credit because it's tough to maintain your composure under those conditions.....but he did get his a** handed to him rather nicely.

To Harpoon 1212:

1. Deficit -- Mostly Bush's. Two wars off-the-books and an unpaid-for tax cut.

2. Unemployment below 8% -- Wait no longer.

3. Guantanamo -- So he was supposed to close it AND not try the detainees in the US?

And Romney still wants to kill Big Bird.

Sweetie blame Obama, but sweetie no has job, because sweetie no can make good sentence.

Anyone who believed that the economy could be turned around in 4 years after the likes of Bush is dreaming. We have a long hard road ahead of us and have made many gains. Put another Republican in and we can forget any future for the working person. It's scary how silly and fickle the public can be. We need a thinking person in the white house ... not a con artist.

I wonder how you think Obama is a "person, not a con artist" . Maybe you life has improved over the last four years but I know many peoples who has gotten worse

Romney lied his way through the debate. Maybe he won on style, but he didn't win on content. And he wants to kill Big Bird too. Not cool.

I have to say that I am puzzled why someone would say Romney would say anything to get elected. He is already rich beyond his dreams and why put his family through all this crap to become President. He sincerely wants to do public service to make things better.

The other thing about speaking the truth is what did Obama say when he ran 4 years ago.

Cut the deficit in half, result, he nearly doubled it.
Bring unemployment down below 8%, still waiting
Close Guantanano Prison, still not closed but Obama bought a prison in Illinois so the prisoners can enjoy the rights of American citizens.

I know you cannot go off of the polls right after the debate but it was really telling how people felt by going through all the CNN polls where he won on huge margins. Even in likeability.

I totally agree. The only 'change" I have seen in the past almost four years has not been for the better

Romney is the King of flip-flop. He will say ANYTHING to get elected. As expected all of the fact checkers came down against Romney. Obama was lacl-luster - However, Americans are smart and they can tell when someone will say anything to get elected. Obama will prevail and we will all be better because of that.

How will we be better if Obama prevails ?? more job lost, more debt, more people on public assistance ??/

Never the facts of 20 straight months of job growth and unemployment lower then 8% shake your illogical conclusions.

These "debates" are not actual debates (wherein arguments are presented, rebutted, etc.) but tired farces and competitions for the best soundbites. Last night was worse than usual. The candidates did not respond directly to one another and generally ignored the questions put to them. Let's not lose sight of the fact that this is all television nonsense for the masses.

But, given that is what we come to expect in these "debates," it is clear that Romney "won" the contest by looking more composed and engaged. After the 47% debacle, I don't really see how Romney could have "lost" this unless he really said something really egregious.

President Obama still has this election pretty much in the bag.

Romney, Romney, Romney!!!!!

Having the vote total would give us a better understanding of what the percentages mean.

It was Romney all the way. Obama was "befuddled" and had to stop and think about what he was going to say while Romney when asked a question didn't have to stop and think about it, he just answered and directed his comments directly to Obama not to the audience. Romney was the clear winner.

Not that debating is a presidential skill.

President Obama did not appear tired but confident while Governor Romney was his usual arrogant self. I understand that not everyone can be a tax expert but I find it hard to believe that Governor Romney knows nothing about tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas.

Obama was equally arrogant. He still can not admit that his policies have failed and keeps going back to the I inherited a mess line. We need someone with the ability to get things done in the white house not someone who points fingers.

I don't think either candidate is good for the country so the next four years are going to be bad either way.