Holden Voters Support Romney, Brown

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Some of the Scott Brown supporters outside of the Holden Senior Center, including first-time voter Tommy Jacobsen
Some of the Scott Brown supporters outside of the Holden Senior Center, including first-time voter Tommy Jacobsen Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

HOLDEN, Mass. — Holden voted in favor of Republican Mitt Romney Tuesday, with 81.8 percent of voters turning out for the presidential election.

Throughout the day, 10,562 of the town's 12,917 registered voters poured into Holden's five precincts, with 5,055 voting for Barack Obama and 5,294 supporting Romney.

In the hotly contested race for the U.S. Senate seat, Holden voters  also chose Republican incumbent Scott Brown over Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Brown grabbed the Senate seat in 2010 special election following the death of longtime Democratic Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy, and in Tuesday's election received 6,358 votes from Holden.

Warren, a Harvard University professor and American Bankruptcy law expert, received 4,152 votes.

The close races also drew many first-time voters, including 18-year-old Tommy Jacobsen, who also held signs throughout the day.

"I turned 18 in September, so I hurried to register to vote," said Jacobsen, who said the actual voting process was a lot less dramatic than he thought it would be.

"You just walk in and fill out your circles and walk out," he said. "So it confuses me why more people don't vote, because it takes so little time."

Even before he could vote, Jacobsen has held signs during past elections, and even has aspirations of one day becoming a politician. 

A Brown supporter, Jacobsen said he didn't want a "rubber stamp serving us in the senate" and while he knew President Obama would likely win Massachusetts, he still felt as though he could help Brown.

Holden's two legislative seats went unchallenged in the election, with incumbent State Sen. Harriette Chandler (D) garnering  7,347 votes and State Rep. Kimberly Ferguson getting 7,941 votes.

Holden's National and State Election Results:

President and Vice President:

Johnson and Gray: 100

Obama and Biden: 5,055

Romney and Ryan: 5,294

Stein and Honkala: 54

Senator In Congress:

Scott Brown: 6,358

Elizabeth Warren: 4,158

Representative in Congress:

James McGovern: 7,573


Jennie Caissie: 6,929

Senator in General Court:

Harriette Chandler: 7,347

Representative In General Court:

Kimberly Ferguson: 7,941

Clerk of Courts:

Dennis P. McManus: 6,841

Register of Deeds:

Anthony Vigliotti: 6,921

Question 1 - Motor Vehicle Access:

Yes: 4,705

No: 3,963

Question 2 - Terminally Ill Patients:

Yes: 4,705

No: 5,556

Question 3 - Medical Use of Marijuana:

Yes: 6,274

No: 3,963

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