Central Mass. Dems, Franken Rally Around Warren

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Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is backed by, from left, Worcester Mayor Joseph M. Petty, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern during a visit to Worcester on Friday.
Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is backed by, from left, Worcester Mayor Joseph M. Petty, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern during a visit to Worcester on Friday. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

WORCESTER, Mass. — It was hard to tell at times who Democrats went to see at a rally Friday evening in Worcester – Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren or the man who gave Warren's introduction, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken. Either way, the Warren campaign succeeded in energizing hundreds of supporters and volunteers during the final days of the election.

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Warren attacked the record of her rival, Sen. Scott Brown, saying that the incumbent stood against Pell Grants for students and wanted to turn Medicare for seniors into a voucher system. "I'm going to work to protect social security and Medicare," Warren said.

Franken said Warren was "the first to identify that the middle class was getting squeezed."

"You never agree on everything with your Senator," Franken said, "but you want someone who doesn't pander. ... You want someone you can trust."

The former "Saturday Night Live" writer, comedian and author of the book "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot" urged attendees to get out the vote. "Many of you have families. Many of you have jobs. Ignore them. Let me tell you something about kids – they love it when their parents are gone."

Democratic leaders, including Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, said the race will be close. McGovern said the state election would reverberate nationally, and that Republicans would gain control of the Senate if Brown is re-elected.

State Sen. Michael Moore, who represents the 2nd Worcester Senate District, said, "The future depends on Worcester and Worcester County."

Speaking after the rally, Moore said Friday's turnout was "a clear sign" that the Democratic base was getting energized.

Brown has been a more familiar face in Central Massachusetts during this election, having made repeated visits during the past months to Metro West communities. He spoke with seniors Friday in Auburn and had made repeated visits to Westborough.

However, Moore said, Warren is connecting with local voters.

"She may not be getting the kind of coverage Scott Brown, a sitting Senator, gets, but this is the third time I've seen her at an event here," he said.

When asked after her remarks if she had spent enough time in Central Massachusetts to connect with its residents, Warren said: "I love being here. I'm here because I want to be here."

Warren said she had become so familiar with the Coral Seafood ballroom – where the rally was held – that "I can describe the ladies room."

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Comments (11)

We find it concerning that a candidate in this race has lied about her ethnic background to gain an advantage.

We find it concerning that a candidate in this race, touts being tough on big business and protecting the little guy while the candidate made millions consulting for the big guy.

These are not the signs of responsible governing.

You have totally distorted both issues. Elizabeth Warren did not lie about her ethnic background. Everyone involved says she gained no advantage. By now reports in major newspapers have made it clear that Elizabeth Warren worked for the victims of corporate greed, not the perpetrators. The relatives of those victims attest to it.

Whoever "Citizens for Responsible Governing" may be, what you have written here are lies.

Brown is that millionaire fence sitting real estate lawyer Senator, who panders to both Republicans and Democrats and pretends to be "one of us" by wearing a barn coat and driving a pickup truck, right? I'm not voting for that phony, He doesn’t really represent me and he doesn’t really represent them either.

Birth control for women is now covered under their insurance plans, which they pay for.

Just like Viagra is covered under most insurance plans.

The difference, maximus, is that Viagra is needed due to medical issues. To avoid procreating, vasectomies are not covered. Procedures or medication NOT medically necessary have never been covered by insurance and by forcing them to be covered, the cost for insurance will only rise for everyone. That is just basic economics.

Oh, really? Viagra is needed for medical issues, birth control is not needed for health issues?

Pardon me while coffee snorts out my nose.

Remember men: Edumb HATES men. Why the heck do we have to buy ontraception, and women don't? And no, I would not choose a supreme court justice based on a single issue. Edumb hs no clue about real life!

Let's not forget Scott Brown hating the constitution by voting to pass the NDAA. He also voted aganist auditing the fed. No one cares, all people know is he drives a truck. Stop watching the Patriots for 5 minutes and educate yourself on how unpatriotic Brown is.

Considering Al Franken vote for an extension of tax cuts for people making under $250,000 while Senator Brown did NOT. We see that Scott Brown is more concerned with Wall St, rather then Main St.
Source http://votesmart.org/bill/votes/32945#.UILVdcXA-So

Al Franken actually votes for legislation that empowers women. Scott Brown doesn't. It's all about the voting record.

Elizabeth Warren will fight for the middle class. She's not backed by Wall St. and the Koch brothers as is Republican Scott Brown.

A political rally is meant to bring supporters together. It's not a debate or even a speech. The women (and men) at the rally loved Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren and Jim McGovern and Tim Murray.

A great time was had by all.

Women are supposed to be impressed and swayed by Al Franken? You have to be kidding me? I am surprised that Elizabeth Warren even wants to be associated with him? That seals the deal for me...Scott Brown all the way....he doesn't need to bring wacko senators from Minnesota to Central Mass...he brings himself...OFTEN. Did you need a map Elizabeth or did your driver get you here?