Holden Businesses Pass Police Alcohol Compliance Checks

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Police Chief George Sherrill
Police Chief George Sherrill Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

HOLDEN, Mass. — One by one, each of Holden's 17 liquor establishments recently refused to serve alcohol to an an under-aged customer, passing the compliance check performed by the Holden Police Department.

Twice a year, the department has an underage person attempt to purchase alcohol at all of the restaurants and liquor stores in town to see if businesses are properly checking for identification.

While during last year's checks, a number of  Holden's establishments failed, according to Police Chief George Sherill this year 100 percent of the businesses were in compliance during the Nov. 20 checks.

Sherrill stressed the effort strictly was educational.

"We're looking for any type of patterns, if we have accidents, OUI arrests, motor vehicle stops and if we see a pattern of activity coming from establishments it would certainly raise red flags, but this year we did it just as an educational objective," he said.

Massachusetts law says an establishment or individual serving alcohol to a person who gets into an accident can be found responsible for any resulting injury or death.

Sherrill said he was very happy to see all the businesses in compliance this year, and Acting Town Manager Jacquie Kelly congratulated Holden's establishments for doing a fine job.

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