Moore: Pause To Remember Central Mass. Veterans

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The color guard lines up at Grafton's Memorial Day.
The color guard lines up at Grafton's Memorial Day. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi (file photo)

MILLBURY, Mass. - This past Tuesday across the nation, record numbers of voters turned out to exercise their most sacred right, the right to vote.

Once again on Sunday, Nov. 11, we will gather together as a nation to recognize our veterans, who have given so much to defend that right. We join together in a unified voice to thank them for their countless sacrifices and we recommit ourselves as both a Commonwealth and as a nation to honor them for their service.

Veterans Day is held every year on Nov. 11 to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II. It is a day set aside, absolved of our partisan differences, to come together not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans.

We come together to thank our veterans far and wide, past or present, young or old, those who returned home, currently deployed or those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. We must never forget our commitment and duty to our veterans, as they have not forgotten their commitment to defending our freedoms at home and abroad. 

Throughout the Second Worcester District, as it will be throughout the nation, events will take place to honor our veterans. I ask that we all take a moment to pause this Veterans Day to enjoy the freedoms given to us as Americans and to thank the men and women, who over the course of our nation’s history have stood on guard of these freedoms and liberties. The rich history of the Commonwealth, from Bunker Hill to the current conflict in Afghanistan, is filled with individuals who have stood watch over our liberties and determined to uphold the ideals on which our nation was founded. We are all beneficiaries of their vigilance and determination.

As President John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

As our veterans have done, ordinary men and women, who stepped forward to obtain our independence and stand up to tyranny throughout the world, we must not only sing their praises, but honor their service. This Veterans Day, I thank those from Massachusetts and across our great nation who have answered the call to service and have risked much to pass onto the next generation our freedoms and the promise of the American Dream.

State Sen. Michael O. Moore represents the Second Worcester District.

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Comments (3)

'Normal Massachusetts Political Hot Air!'

The small Veterans Annuity that 100% Disabled Veterans, Gold Star Families, receive from the Commonwealth twice a year have not seen any COLA increase since 2005, while other Socially Flavored Social programs receive COLA's from the General Court every year????

Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans and Disabled Veterans have not been increased since 2005?

Veterans at Nursing Home's under a Veteran's program, the Nursing Homes only hold their beds for five days if they have to go into a hospital. While those on Mass Health/Medicaid the Nursing Home has to hold their beds for ten days???

Tuition Exemption at State Colleges for Family Members of Disabled Veterans & Veterans, still stalled in the General Court log jam. Those that go to State Colleges know the Fee's are more then the yearly Tuition costs so the State would be still winning.

Burial Honor Guard, since the Federal Government says they no longer have the money to provide properly staffed Honor Guards, they now only provide 'one or two Service people' along with a Fake Bugle. The State should provide the funding for at least a three member Burial Detail with a real Bugle to play Taps. Or have the Honors Section of the State's National Guard fill the staffing Gaps that the Federal Government can no longer do,do to 'Budget Issue's' !

Some agree the State Veterans Affairs Office in Boston could use some more Staff.

We can start by changing the G.I. education bill to pay for the full cost of going to the most expensive public university in the state.
My niece's husband was killed in Iraq. She was 22 at the time. If she re-marries she will lose her spousal survival benefits. Talk about being an anti-marriage. There is another law that should change.
With the unemployment rate higher among Vets then civilians, you should HIRE A VET.