Will Holden Have A White Christmas?

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Shrewsbury weather analyst Jim Arnold said we'll be in for windy weather this week.
Shrewsbury weather analyst Jim Arnold said we'll be in for windy weather this week. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck (file)

SHREWSBURY, Mass. – The chances for a white Christmas will depend on how much snow flurry activity develops in the wake of the storm that will be departing Central Massachusetts late Friday, according to Shrewsbury weather specialist Jim Arnold.

Arnold is calling for rain and strong winds just after midnight Thursday, which could start as a period of snow and sleet, but turn into rain as temperatures rise into the 40s. Rain should end by noon Friday, and strong winds will bring colder temperatures, with a chance of flurries Saturday or Sunday.

The good news is that travel over the holiday weekend will be all right, with the exception of the flurries and perhaps a snow squall or two that could briefly cause slick roads in isolated instances.

“It looks like the weather will be pretty benign for the 24th through the 26th, with partly cloudy and cold conditions prevailing before the next storm threat approaches us, likely late Wednesday into Thursday,” said Arnold.

He continued: “The trend will be toward colder weather over the weekend and early next week. The pattern change to more wintry conditions is coming. The question now is whether or not it locks in for the long term or reverts back to a milder regime shortly after New Years Day.  Stay tuned.”

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Al Gore warned us, thanks to man made global warming you are now more likely to be playing golf instead of enjoying a white Christmas. This winter is no different than last winter, other than we may have the Mayan Apocalypse tomorrow.