Holden Selectmen's Resolutions For 2013

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The Holden Board of Selectmen.
The Holden Board of Selectmen. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

HOLDEN, Mass. — As Holden enters the new year, members from the Holden Board of Selectmen are offering their resolutions for the town in 2013.

A top issue for Selectman Mark Ferguson will be working to resolve "the unfair, unjust, borderline criminal sewer/transportation rates courtesy of DCR and the City of Worcester.

Ferguson stressed he's not only looking for a fair rate, but also seeking restitution.

"For us to be paying for Worcester's leaf pick-up program, street-sweeping, storm-water run-off program is outrageous," Ferguson said. "It's the rip-off of the century."

Additionally, Ferguson aims to see changes made to the Wachusett school committee, which he says "is clearly dysfunctional."

"They've lost their mission statement of the children and their education and has become more content paying salaries to incompetent fat cats than keeping money in the classroom," he said, explaining he would like to see the committee reduced from 22 to less than 10 members.

To discuss possible amendments to the WRSD-Town regional agreement, a joint meeting of the school committee and Holden selectmen will meet at 7 p.m. Jan. 9 at Davis Hill Elementary School.

It's a big issue for Selectman Jim Jumonville, who would like to see the agreement looked at each year instead of every five, and for it to be opened by not only the school committee but the boards of each district town.

Additionally, Jumonville wants to ensure Holden continues not raising taxes to 2 1/2 percent.

"Last year and this year we've only done it to 2 1/4 to try to put money back in the people's pockets, even if it's only a little bit," Jumonville said. "The reason we can do that is because of the good management of Jacquie Kelly and the department heads. It's all about team play."

Selectman Anthony Renzoni looks forward to working with Mountview Middle School Building Committee Chair Paul Challenger to present the project before it goes to vote in April "and hopefully build a school that will be reimbursed by the state by over 50 percent."

Secondly, Renzoni aims to support fellow selectman Bob Lavigne for re-election.

"He's the hardest working guy on the board of selectman, and we need him on that board."

The new year will bring a few changes for Renzoni, as he prepares to step down as commander of the American Legion Post.

"I'm not going to work any less for them, but I plan on focusing on the charitable mission of that post," he said.

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