Holden Poll: Tighter Gun Control After Newtown Shooting?

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President Barack Obama has called for "meaningful action" in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown.
President Barack Obama has called for "meaningful action" in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown. Photo Credit: File photo

HOLDEN, Mass. — Calls to strengthen the nation's gun control laws have come from parents and politicians — and even the president — in the days since 20 children and six adults were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. Holden, tell us what you think in the poll and comments section below.

Reader Results

Holden, do you think gun control laws should be strengthened after the shooting deaths of 26 people in Newtown?

  • Yes. But only ban assault weapons and large-ammunition clips.

  • Yes. Ban assault weapons and also make it harder for people to buy guns.

  • Yes. Ban all guns.

  • No. It is our right to own guns.

  • Undecided


The nation must "take meaningful action," President Barack Obama said when he spoke just a few hours after the shooting Friday. He repeated his call for the nation to discuss gun laws when he spoke at a vigil in Newtown on Sunday.

“We can't accept events like these as routine," Obama said in his speech. "Are we really prepared to say we are powerless in the face of such carnage — that the politics are too complicated?"

Gun-rights supporters, including the National Rifle Association, have been mostly quiet since the shooting. Republican U.S. Reps. Louis Gohmert of Texas and Don Richardson of Oregon have suggested arming more school faculty members.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, of California, says she plans to introduce a bill that would ban assault weapons when the next Congress comes into session after the New Year.

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Comments (2)

Tighter gun control? Yes.

Thankfully people in Holden and elsewhere are finally coming to their senses. It is very encouraging to see that 63% of those polled support some level of increased gun control/assault weapons and multiple clip bans/gun bans. Holden is a conservative community yet a large majority support sensible changes to laws that allow horrific events to happen on a regular basis. I just hope that the politicians out there start listening to the people and stop being bullied by the NRA and assorted gun nuts.