Can You Spot Grafton In 'The March Sisters At Christmas?'

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"The March Sisters at Christmas" was shot primarily in Grafton at 35 North St.
"The March Sisters at Christmas" was shot primarily in Grafton at 35 North St. Photo Credit: Lifetime

GRAFTON, Mass. — Grafton residents will be turning on their televisions this weekend to see whether they spot the locals and landmarks used during the filming of "The March Sisters at Christmas."

The movie was shot in Grafton in August. It will air on the Lifetime cable network at 8 p.m. Nov. 24, then at midnight, and again at 5 p.m. Nov. 25. 

A modern retelling of Louisa Mae Alcott’s "Little Women," the movie is primarily set inside the family home, Orchard House, which in real life is a historic Greek Revival home at 35 North St.

Other Grafton locations used in the film include the Grafton Country Store and One Grafton Common, as well as spots around Worcester. Several Grafton residents, including a few firefighters on a Grafton truck, are featured.

Grafton is no stranger to movies. One of its most cherished landmarks, the bandstand on Grafton Common, was built as a prop for 1935's "Ah, Wilderness."

Did someone you know make the final cut in "The March Sisters at Christmas?" Note where in the movie they can be seen in the comments below.

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Comments (4)

Is there an actual list or photo IDs of area locations used? I recognized a few but I'm going to damage my tv/dvr pausing every time I try to figure out a building!
Haven't seen the whole movie yet, but trying to play "Six Degrees if Grafton" is fun!

I watched the Movie it was very well done.

I'm on the street outside the hardware store and behind the girls in the store at the counter. I'll always remember us waiting in the attic upstairs with full winter gear.. sweating like crazy! Such a great experience!

I made it on screen!! I was in the Theater Scene sitting in the back on the left in a sweater, white hair!!! It was an experience wearing full winter clothing on an 85 degree day for 8 hours!!! It was fun and it will be a memory for a lifetime!! :) :)